Balloon on the Bottle - Experiment

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Once you drink the contents of a bottle, it has nothing left inside. Or does it? What happens if you hold a bottle under the hot water tap?


  • sturdy plastic bottle
  • balloon
  • hot water tap
  • 10 minutes

Step by step

  • Step 1. make sure the cap is not on the bottle
  • Step 2. blow some air into the balloon
  • Step 3. let the air back out of the balloon
  • Step 4. put the balloon over the opening of the bottle
  • Question 1. What do you think will happen when you put the bottle under the hot water tap?
  • Step 5. hold the bottle by the top
  • Step 6. tilt the bottle and hold it under the hot water tap
  • Question 2. What happened?
  • Question 3. How do you think it happened?