Water Upside Down - Experiment

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Have you ever knocked over a drinking glass? What happened to the water? With this experiment you can hold a drinking glass upside down, even if it is full of water.


  • drinking glass
  • water
  • postcard
  • 10 minutes

Step by step

  • Step 1. fill the glass to the rim with water
  • Step 2. put the postcard on top of the full glass, pictureside down
  • Step 3. press softly on the card to remove all air underneath
  • Step 4. What do you think that will happen, when you turn the glass upside down?
  • Step 5. turn the glass upside down, make sure no air gets in the glass
  • Step 6. hold the glass in one hand
  • Question 1. What has happened?
  • Question 2. Why do you think that is?
  • Question 3. Would the experiment also work with a bigger glass?